Let me help your college student land an internship or job.

I teach college students and recent graduates the skills they need to conduct a successful search for an internship or job.


Gain peace of mind knowing your student is making progress in their job search


Trust that your student is learning skills that will serve them well in the future


Stop worrying about your student's professional career

Students are told to get an internship or job, but they are not taught HOW to find one.

Navigating a job search is confusing. Many people feel lost or don’t even know where to start.

  • How do you build a professional network?
  • How do you establish rapport with professionals?
  • How do you write a WOW resume if you have limited experience?
  • How do you prepare for and ace an interview?

I believe young adults should not have to navigate a job search on their own.

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Meet Stacey Kaye

I can help

My name is Stacey Kaye and I’m a job search skills coach for college students and recent graduates.

I understand getting a summer internship or post-graduation job can be a stressful and a long process for students and their parents. Many students don’t know what to do or where to start. And parents want to help but their child may not be receptive to their input.

I’ve spent my entire career networking and making professional connections. My networking and marketing landed dream jobs at Dunkin’ Donuts HQ and General Mills. I also used my networking skills to solidify promotional partnerships with companies such as Pillsbury, Baskin Robbins, and Campbell’s Soup Company.

And now, I offer one-on-one job search skills coaching to college students and recent grads to help them find and secure desirable internships and jobs.

3 simple steps to giving your student the tools to find an internship or job

Set up a call.

Tell me about your student and what’s keeping them from finding an internship or job.

Pick a coaching plan.

I offer 2 career coaching plans to help your college student succeed.

Watch your student launch their career.

Be proud as they land interviews and receive job offers. 

My promise to you

I Hold Students Accountable

I assign students weekly tasks and email them an actionable TO DO list after each coaching call. 

career coaching for college students

I Provide Direction

Students don’t always want to listen to their parents so I step in to give students clear-cut steps to conduct a successful search for an internship or job.

No More Sleepless Nights

It’s hard not to worry about your child’s future. But with my assistance, you can rest easy knowing progress is being made.


"No one teaches our college kids how to find a job. Stacey turned our daughter's resume into something professional, even though her work experience consisted of typical teenage jobs. While working with Stacey, our daughter landed several interviews and an internship."

Marna F. – Parent

"I was extremely intimidated by the networking process. Stacey guided me step-by-step. The insight I received from working with her gave me confidence in my ability to network."

Eli B. – Student

"I didn’t know how to reach out to potential employers. Stacey guided me through the process of networking and interviewing. She also helped me identify ways to meet professionals that I never would have thought of on my own. I would highly recommend her to anyone."

Charlie B. – Student

Give your student the confidence to search for an internship or job

As parents, it’s tempting to try to find that first professional job or internship for your child. But that type of support does not help them in the long run. 

Instead, let me use my professional experience to teach your child the skills to find their own internship or job, skills that will carry them throughout their career. 

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With one-on-one coaching, college students and recent graduates gain confidence in their ability to network and job hunt. They will also learn how to make a positive and lasting impression during an interview, plus how to follow up with potential employers appropriately. 

Don’t let your student remain unemployed during college summers and after graduation. 

When you work with me you will have peace of mind knowing your child is proactively launching  their career. 

Pick A Coaching Plan To Help Your Student

Main Track


10 coaching sessions

Premium Track


15 coaching sessions

Schedule a call

It’s time to stop worrying about your student’s future. Schedule a call and feel confident your student has what they need to thrive.

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