7 Things College Students Can Do This Summer to Advance Their Future Career

by | Jul 14, 2023 | Internships, Networking

Summer is not over! Here are some things college students can do over the summer to secure internships and post-graduation jobs for 2024! Do these things NOW to reap the rewards LATER!\ 

1) Assess Your Strengths: Take the StrengthsFinder assessment online for only $19.99 https://lnkd.in/gw6wYKDd I love this easy-to-understand and inexpensive assessment. This tool helps students understand how they are wired. It also gives students a professional vocabulary to talk about their strengths.

2) Conduct Informational Interviews (I can’t stress this one enough!): Informational interviews are an invaluable way to gain insights into your desired industry while building your network. Reach out to individuals (start with friends of the family and then alumni) in positions of interest and request a 15-20 minute call to discuss their career path and gain professional advice.

3) Polish Your Resume and Online Presence: A well-crafted resume is crucial for making a strong first impression on potential employers. Update your resume with relevant coursework, projects, and any work or volunteer experience you have gained. Show your resume to 3 professionals for feedback. Additionally, ensure your online presence is professional and up-to-date, including LinkedIn profiles and personal websites if applicable.

4) Network and Build Professional Relationships: Summer is a great time to network and establish connections that can lead to future internships or job opportunities. If you have a summer internship, then network within the company. Set up coffees. If you don’t have an internship then seek out networking events hosted by local professional organizations.

5) Stay in Touch with Professionals in Your Network: The key to networking is building rapport with relevant professionals. Find reasons to stay in touch with your network. Circle back with people you spoke to in the spring and tell them what you are doing this summer. Stay top-of-mind and stand out so when an internship or entry-level job opens up, your network will reach out to you.

6) Pursue Skill Development: Use summer break to enhance your skill set and gain a competitive advantage. Enroll in online courses, attend workshops, or acquire certifications related to your field of interest. Building relevant skills not only makes you more marketable but also demonstrates your commitment to professional growth and development.

7) Attend Career Fairs and Job Expos: Many universities and organizations host career fairs and job expos during the summer months. Attend these events to connect directly with employers, learn about potential internships or job opportunities, and practice your networking and interviewing skills.